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Here’s what some of the past Gluais students and current leaders have had to say about the programme.


“Gluais helped me improve and develop relationships with those in my group.”

“I joined Gluais to make a difference. I wanted to help the first years progress over the year with my help.”

“I joined Gluais because Gluais helped me when I was in first year and I wanted to help the first years fit into school and to do lots of activities with them.”

“Its made me more aware of problems in school. Love that I’m part of something that can help them. Love Gluais”

“Really came out of my shell. Giving back to my school. Getting to know the ‘leader’ in me”

“Great experience. Really helped me to make more friends and be more confident as a person. Changed the way I look at secondary school”


I have been a Gluais leader for the last 6 years. I first got involved in the Gluais leadership programme when I was a student in Transition year in St Josephs College. The training week had a huge impact on me; I learned new skills and my confidence grew. When I left school I came back as a leader because I wanted to give students the same opportunity that I had. I love being a part of this programme and I really enjoy working with the students and seeing them learn new skills.

Fiona Kane

This is my 2nd year back as a Gluais leader, from the moment I finished my 5 day training course I knew it had changed my attitude to people, to life and most importantly it changed my attitude about myself. To this day I still look back on my week and say I am a totally different person because of all the things I learned about myself and others. The reason I came back as a leader is to be part of changing students’ lives the way it has changed mine.

Amy Saunders

It was 2011 when I came down as a student to take part in the Gluais Programme. I came back as a leader because as a student the programme had a life changing effect and I have carried it through with me in every aspect of my life.

Derek Norton

I did my Gluais training as a student in 2008. I come back as a Gluais leader in the hope that I can pass on the incredible experience I had as a student. The progress and development we see in the students over the week and the following year is truly inspirational. It is with the hope of making a difference that I come back year after year.

Alan Costello