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About Gluais

This site has been created for Students, Teachers, Parents and anyone interested in Gluais

Gluais is a voluntary organisation working with Transition Year Students in schools in the Lucan, Clondalkin and Leixlip areas. Gluais aims to teach young people leadership skills which they can then take back to their schools and use for the benefit of their entire school.

Gluais Students undertake an intensive 5 day training course where they engage in a variety of exercises with their trainers, most of whom are former Gluais Students themselves. The training course is designed to teach students about:

  • Organising School Activities
  • Running organised & structured meetings
  • Identifying their own strengths
  • Identifying the strengths of others
  • Working as an effective team
  • Interacting with students from other schools

The training course often changes the lives of students dramatically and leaves Gluais Students with a sense of achievement without any emphasis on academic merit. Gluais Students come from all varieties of backgrounds and ethnicities.

Beyond the 5 day training course, Gluais Students then return to their schools as the “Gluais Group” for the following school year. During this time the students will organise a variety of activities designed to assist their fellow students and the school in general. From helping 1st year students to fit in, to organising bus shelters outside their schools, the flow of creative energy from Gluais Groups never ceases to amaze the leaders involved and as such has been a huge stimulus for the growth and evolution of the organisation over the past 15 years.

After a year of working together, with their teachers and with their fellow classmates, Gluais Students graduate from the programme in front of friends, family, leaders and teachers. They then take what they have learned during the past year, out into the community and often come back to Gluais as Leaders themselves, to pass on the Gluais ethos and pay back what they have been given.

Many Gluais Leaders find the skills they learned during their time as Gluais Students as helpful today as were back when they were in Transition Year. These skills can be applied to almost every situation and have proven to be invaluable to anyone who has completed the programme.

If this didn’t answer all your questions, we’ve put together a short video that should give you all the information you need in regards to the programme. Click here to see the video now!

We hope that you find this site useful as a source of information about Gluais, and should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.